RIP Halloween Whopper

Olivia Short ‘17

At the beginning of October, Burger King US released a series of tweets and commercials announcing their limited time ~spooky~ Halloween Whopper.

What the heck does that mean? Well, the new burger has a special type of bun:


courtesy of @BurgerKing’s official Twitter:

…..Yeah. It’s black. I was both excited and horrified on seeing it– how did they get it pitch black like that? The only black food dye I know of is squid ink, but that’s an expensive rarity that uppity rich people put in their pasta. What cheap commodity could a fast food chain use?

My internet research yielded a nasty answer: steak sauce concentrate. A1 steak sauce concentrate. I really don’t like steak sauce (concentrated, nonetheless), but I love the spooky aesthetic of the Halloween Whopper. Besides, all the reviews I read said that the bun didn’t taste much different from a plain one.

So I set out to Burger King. I ended up going to 3 different Burger Kings, but there were no Halloween Whoppers to be found. I was confused– it was only the 17th, how could the Halloween promotion be over already? More research showed that the burger was discontinued due to low sales.

But there’s still hope. Burger King Japan has offered similar black burgers since 2012, under the names KURO Pearl & KURO Diamond (Kuro means black.)

Thankfully, there’s no steak sauce involved. The KURO line uses squid ink, which I assume would be cheaper in a country that consumes loads of squid.

So while the Halloween Whopper may be dead & gone, its Japanese cousin lives on. Stay spooky, KURO burger. Stay spooky.

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