Sounds Good Feels Good

By Grace Dearing ’17

Things have been quiet in the 5SOS fam over the last year and fans have been eagerly awaiting new music from the Aussie pop-rock band. Since the release of 5 Seconds Of Summer’s first, self-titled album, the guys have been hard at work in the studio. They’ve been creating a completely different sound that would perfectly enhance their vision of creating a community through their fans called the New Broken Scene.

‘She’s Kinda Hot’ was the first single released off of the new album, Sounds Good Feels Good. Despite it’s seemingly mainstream name, the single was the first song that the guys have released that seems to be deeper than the typical ‘boy meets girl’ lyrics most artists have grown accustomed to writing. ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ is a fun, upbeat song that is definitely fun to jam out to in the car, but has a more serious undertone. The song is not simply about a girl being “hot”, but touches on the idea that teenagers are living in a generation where deeper values are being lost among the derogatory terms that are being placed on them. The line, “they say we’re losers and we’re alright with that” implies that yes, while most teenagers feel as if they don’t fit in because society tells them they don’t, they’re starting to come to terms with being different and embracing their individuality.

The release of Sounds Good Feels Good adds on to this theme, making listeners feel as if they’re being engulfed in a musical hug. Songs like ‘Broken Home’, which deals with a girl living with parents who are constantly fighting and is slow and emotional, discuss the everyday struggles that kids are facing everyday. (Yes, I have cried multiple times because of this song. I’m not ashamed.) ‘Invisible’ is another slower song that draws attention to those kids who feel invisible and like they don’t matter in the world, making them feel as if they aren’t alone. ‘Airplanes’ is another one of my favorites, it is more upbeat than the previous two songs and is centered around the idea that we were all born with wings to fly freely to do whatever we set our minds to.

Full tracklist for Sounds Good Feels Good

Full tracklist for Sounds Good Feels Good

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.08.36 AM

Not only was a new album released, but Luke, Michael, Ashton, and Calum also announced a 2016 world tour to accompany the soundtrack. Presale tickets went on sale on October 22 and were available to the general public on October 23, the same day fans were hit with the overwhelming emotions that the new album brought with it. The tour, Sounds Live Feels Live, will be making stops in cities around America such as Hershey, Pennsylvania, New York City, and even Cincinnati, Ohio! Yes, that’s right! 5SOS is scheduled to make an appearance at Riverbend on July 26 so get your tickets!

Full list of the North American tour dates for Sounds Live Feels Live

Full list of the North American tour dates for Sounds Live Feels Live

It’s clear that, even though these guys are young, they have definitely found their sound and established a connection with their fanbase that is unbreakable. Giving fans the opportunity to sign up for presale for tickets and giving them an album the next day, 5SOS do everything they can so that fans can feel a part of something special with the band that saved them. As an obsessive fangirl myself, a connection like this to some of my favorite artists is more than I could ever ask for from musicians.


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