Your Vote Counts!

The 2015 elections are just around the corner and some Mercy students will be voting for the first time!

Any one who will be at least eighteen by November 3, gets the chance to cast their vote and “put their two cents in.” For eighteen year olds this will be a new and exciting experience. When you were in grade school you probably voted for the president like everyone else, except your vote didn’t actually really count concerning the real election, rather, it was to see what kids thought. But when you turn eighteen you get to vote for real!

So you turn eighteen and your like, “sweet! Now I can buy lottery tickets, hold new born babies at the hospital, buy things from infomercials, join the military, and vote! When I turned eighteen I didn’t end up doing any of those things and it wasn’t voting time yet, but I knew I was going to vote. Then this summer my parents all of a sudden tell me that I have to register to vote! This was news to me. Luckily we received voter registration forms in Current World Issues class, otherwise I probably would have been me and procrastinated until it was to late.

So I fill out the form, stick a stamp on it, and put in in the mail box. About two weeks later I get a confirmation that I am registered.
Ok, so now I’m ready to vote right? Wrong. You have to know what to vote for. While this might be obvious, it’s harder than you think. Luckily, in CWI class, we looked over the voting ballet and looked over the issues…. It was like reading another language. But finally I had an understand of what the issues were.

The process of voting may seem hard and time consuming, but if you think about it, it’s an important and necessary thing to do. If we want to make changes in our government then we have to do our part and vote. And not just vote but also inform ourselves with the issues so that we can be knowledgable enough to vote for what we deem to be the best thing to do.

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