Adele’s Comeback

Grace Paustian ‘18

On October 23, Adele released her new single “Hello” and surely surpassed expectations. After not releasing any new singles for three years, this new song is the start of a huge comeback for this singer. Her newest album, 25, is being released November 20th and has the hopes to be even better than her previous album, 21.

From listening to the heartbreaking single, people instantly think the explanation of the song revolves around a guy. Adele explained that “Hello” is about reconnecting with herself, not an ex-boyfriend. This shows the growth of not only her music, but Adele herself. I’m excited to see how this new growth is displayed in 25.

After talking to Grace Metzger ’18, she said,” Hello is different than her previous songs. You can really hear the pain in her voice when she’s singing.” Also many positive reviews have been all around social media. I don’t think I saw a negative review on Twitter other than the fact that many people have been trying to get back in relationships with their exes after listening to the powerful single.

I’d give this single 5/5 stars. After the first time listening to it, I decided to listen to it on repeat about 3 times. My mom and I love turning the volume up when it comes on in the car even though it’s fairly slow. This song is popular with people from every age, and I believe is on the road to becoming #1.

Thank you, Adele, for coming back into my life. You were missed.

If you want to watch the music video and hear the song, click here. Enjoy!

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