Cross Country Coming to a Strong Finish

Cross Country Coming to a Strong Finish

Olivia Meister ‘19

Cross country, the sport that many don’t participate in due to a loathing towards running, is sadly coming to an end after five long months of hard work. This year there were forty girls participating in this sport, and eleven of them were freshmen. Conditioning lasted through June and July, and in August the real season began.

Throughout the season the girls practiced consistently six days a week. They followed a weekly schedule to lead them to their success. On Mondays they ran relaxed long runs, which were usually around four to six miles, on Tuesdays and Thursdays the girls worked on speedwork at Oskamp, and Wednesday and Fridays were “easy” or “recovery” days, where they would either walk or run short distances. Besides running, the girls worked on other exercises and stretches for core, hips, and more.

As a result of all of their season long hard work, the girls continued to improve at races and earn new “PR’s” or personal records. At races they were able to drop several seconds or even minutes off of their times.

Towards the end of the season, at GGCL, all of the girls who ran earned their PRs. This was super exciting! As a team Mercy came in 4th place. Then the Thursday after everyone besides the top seven, ran their district race. There, Mercy came in 8th. Then on Saturday the top seven runners, Alex S., Hannah D., Margo W., Andrea R., Jenna B., Olivia H., and Aleah M., ran and placed Mercy in 4th. Juniors Alex S. and Hannah D. placed themselves in the top sixteen, Alex in 6th and Hannah in 10th, and qualified to regionals and will be racing on the 31st in Troy. Good luck to them both!

Photo courtesy Alyssa C. from the XC group chat.

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