Mercy Open House 2015

Christina Huber’19

Okay, so I think it’s safe to say that we all remember being forced by our parents to go to every high school open house in Cincinnati to put yourself out there and see what every high school has to offer.  I don’t know if I can say that going to an open house is the first thing I wanted to do on my Sunday afternoon when I had loads and loads of homework, but it was fun to hear the high school students talk about how much they love their school (well at least the fun parts of school).

On Sunday, November 1st, Mother of Mercy’s open house will take place.  Open house is a significant part of the recruiting process and, for all of the student volunteers, is not a responsibility that is to be taken lightly.  When the Mercy students accept their invitation to work at open house, they must realize that they are making a definite commitment to the job.  Student volunteers need to be friendly, engaging, and positive to the grade school students that attend the open house.

All student volunteers are asked to work in a specific part of the school building.  Some will give information about clubs that they are in, some will be in classrooms all around the school, and some will be ambassadors that will give a tour of the school to the visitors.  But preparation for this event is not always that easy.  On Tuesday, October 27th, half of the volunteers attending a mandatory training session on how to make the day a successful day for Mercy.  The other half of the volunteers attended the training session on Thursday, October 29th.

There is also a dress code for the volunteers.  Freshman are asked to come in full uniform and sophomores, juniors, and seniors are asked to come in their foundation shirt.

Mercy is so excited to showcase everything that we are known for and hope to see a lot of grade school students come with an open mind.  Volunteers are going to do everything they can to make sure our visitors have a good open house experience.  Choosing a high school is a big, life-changing decision and we want everyone to consider Mother of Mercy!

imagePhoto courtesy to mmhbobcat Instagram account.

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