CRS Halloween Party

By Elena Harter ’17

Every year, Mercy Works holds a Halloween party for a non-profit organization called Catholic Residential Services, or CRS. CRS provides assistance to those who have developmental disabilities and helps them to live a normal life and do everyday activities. Their mission is, “To foster the spiritual, intellectual, physical and social growth of people with developmental disabilities.”

Mercy Works hosts the CRS Halloween party in Mercy’s cafeteria and provides a great night for everyone! This year there will be many Halloween themed treats, games, and karaoke. The party will last from 6-8pm on October 27th. Mr. Bonnici chose this date because there will be a full moon that night and was certain that it will be a better night due to this spooky feature. He also made sure that we had specific songs that would be played that night and reminded me every single time he saw me to have those songs…

Everyone had a great time and was dancing to every song played. The highlight of the night was probably when everyone was playing Bingo together and you could hear the excitement when someone from CRS won. Another could’ve been when everyone was dancing to songs like, The Chicken Dance, The Purple People Eater, Cotton Eye Joe, and YMCA.

Here are some of the pictures from the night.


Mr. Bonnici laughs as the prisoner tries to keep the balloon off the ground.


Elena Schmitt ’17 and Natalie Obert ’17 sit next to the banana and watch everyone play Bingo together.


The cowboy and Maddie Owens ’16 enjoy a game of UNO with the group. He and a few others sang Happy Birthday to her before this picture was taken.


Julie Hilvert ’17 takes a snap with a doctor, possibly modeling after Grey’ Anatomy?


Caroline Seitz ’17, Allie Middendorf ’17, and Julie Hilvert ’17 pose for another snapchat with a detective.

Everyone had a great time and is returning to Mercy in November for Prayer and Pizza with our new CRS friends.

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