The Sound of Music

Grace Garbsch’18

The hills are alive with the sound of music and so is Mercy. On November 13th through the 15th and the 20th and the 21st Mercy drama department will perform The Sound of Music in Mercy’s theater. I had pleasure of getting to interview three students who are a part of the wonderful production.


What is your part in the play?

I am in the chorus. So I’m a nun and a postulant. –Anna Laine ‘18


I am in makeup and costume crew. –Kate Reith ‘19


I am in the chorus so I’m a nun and party guest.-Christina Huber ‘19


Have you been involved in Mercy theater before?


No, my friends encouraged me to try out this year.-Anna


Yes, I was in Young Actors Academy in the sixth grade.-Kate


Yes, I did Young Actors Academy so I was in Mulan two years ago. YAA made me want to go to Mercy, because it showed me what Mercy theater was like. -Christina


Have you done any other plays beside The Sound of Music?


Yes Suessical in the sixth grade at Our Lady of Visitation.-Anna


Yes lot of plays for Seton. I was in Winnie the Pooh, Aladdin, and Wild Wildest West.-Kate


I have been in The Little Mermaid and Hairspray -Christina


What made you want to get involved in theater?


My interest in choir and my involvement in Vocal Ensemble made me want to try acting.-Anna


My mom pushed me towards one of the crews, because she missed when I did plays. –Kate


I have been dancing when I was young and I love to be on stage.-Christina


Do you want to pursue a career in drama when you graduate from high school?


Possibly. Maybe casting or directing.-Anna




No but I still like to do it for fun.-Christina


How do you think The Sound of Music is going?


I think it is going really well. I think that the new drama teacher is very knowledge about theater. She has a vision of where the show is going and she’s doing a great job executing it.-Anna


It fits together really well.-Kate


It’s going pretty good. The cast is really cooperate on making sure every detail is where it’s supposed to be.-Christina


Do you like the musical The Sound of Music?


I love The Sound of Music! It’s the best play!-Anna


I like it but it is kind of unexpected.-Kate


Yes it’s one of my favorites!-Christina



Tickets for The Sound of Music are on sale right now in the main office make sure to buy them soon, because I’m sure the tickets are selling going to sell out soon!

Pictured below is one of the many posters you can see hanging in the halls of Mercy reminding students about the upcoming fall musical.

Sound Of Music


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