Celiac Probs

Katie Rieth ’19

If you are as clueless as I was as to what Celiac’s Disease is, it is the inability to digest gluten which basically means you can’t eat wheat… This is why I’m such a salty person. Think about your favorite food, is it pizza? Cookies? Brownies? Philly cheese-steak sandwiches? Think about this, what if you weren’t able to ever eat it again, let alone anything with actual flavor and soft textures because you can’t eat wheat. Welcome to my world.

I didn’t always have this disease, I actually found out at the end of sixth grade after missing eleven days of school. Yeah… that wasn’t as fun as is sounds. After missing that many days of school, my mom asked one of her friends, who is a nutritionist, what we should do. Her friend asked about my diet (which at the time was mostly white bread, bagels, Oreos etc.) and she simply said “Oh, Katie’s gluten-intolerant!” Well okay, but I had no idea what that was, so I Googled it and started crying. No joke, I broke down into tears. I was never able to eat any of my favorite foods and even some drinks or sauces!


Do you know what it’s like to not be able to eat basically anything with texture? It sucks. Everything tastes like cardboard and falls apart in your hand because rice flour has no support and literally cannot stick together for the life of me. I haven’t eaten an Oreo in three years… I don’t even remember what they taste like. My heart hurts so bad at the sight of pizza. And yes, there are gluten-free pizzas, but they taste like paper with sauce. The only good gluten-free pizza I’ve had was in Chicago and that was back in June, and I’ll probably never go to place again because I can’t remember what restaurant it was and I can’t drive.

           However, I have found my savior, Guten Pills, it’s just your average nasty-tasting, brown, grainy pill that lets you digest wheat (to a limit, of course). I can’t take the pill more than once a day, or more than twice a week, and they can’t be two days in a row. If I did, some pretty gross stuff would happen to my kidneys and I would die. But at least I can eat a little piece of pizza without my throat completely closing! So that’s cool!

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