Canned Food Drive

Grace Garbsch’18

The students of Mercy are anxiously waiting for Thanksgiving break, but don’t forget that before Thanksgiving we have the Canned Food Drive. Mercy’s Canned Food Drive helps benefit Mercy Neighborhood Ministries.

MNM was founded by the Sisters of Mercy and it offers many different services to the people of the neighborhoods of Walnut Hills and East Walnut Hills. Some of the services that MNM offers are Workforce Education, Home Care Aide Training Program, Computer and Job Training Program, and Senior Services.

The canned food that Mercy students and faculty donate are going to MNM food pantry which helps senior citizens some of which are raising their grandchildren because their children can not. The food items that are donated help the food pantry throughout the winter.


Here are some of the ways that you can get involved with the Canned Food Drive. Please bring as many canned food items as you can. Please don’t donate expired items, Ramon Noodles, canned corn, canned pumpkins, and green beans, because the food pantry already has an abundance of that. The items that the pantry need are cereals like Raisin Bran, Cornflakes, or Cheerios, soups with meat in them, canned meats, shampoo, toothpaste, or other hygiene products.
To get in the Thanksgiving spirit The Prayer and Justice team drew a turkey and when a person donates ten canned goods they get a feather in their grade color. Then they get to put it on the turkey. This is a good incentive because the grades can look at the turkey and see which grade is ahead. There will be competitions between homerooms to see which homeroom brings in the most canned goods. Also there will be a pep rally on November 9th to kick off the canned food drive!
Thanksgiving is a time to remember all that we have and to give thanks for it. We also should remember others that are less fortune than us and help them out whenever we can. I found this story on the Mercy Neighborhood Ministries website, and I thought it would be a great reminder about the power of donating.
“Recently, Eva had a Christmas surprise. As the holidays approached, one of her daughters came to town, telling Eva she needed financial help with her children. Although Eva was already caring for her three small grandchildren, she willingly accepted this new responsibility. With the clock ticking, she frantically searched the community to find Christmas gifts. Fortunately, she came to Mercy Neighborhood Ministries for help. When social worker Dennis Berling met with Eva after Christmas, she shared that, “Wrappings flew all over and laughter echoed through our entire home. Most importantly, Santa brought Jesus to our home!”


Photo Courtesy of Mercy Neighborhood Ministires. Pictured Below is one of the clients that comes to the food pantry, and benefits from donations.




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