Black Friday Fun Facts

Black Friday Fun Facts

Olivia Meister ’19

Black Friday. The evening of and day after Thanksgiving, when every shopper shops till they drop because why wouldn’t you when there are sales literally EVERYWHERE! It’s the perfect time to pick up all of your Christmas gifts for family, friends, and some for yourself of course! But there are some things you probably didn’t know about the “shopping holiday”.

The name “Black Friday” comes from stores losing money throughout the year and then being able to make up all their lost money and more on Black Friday, which puts them back in the black zone where they are making a profit, rather than in the red where they are in debt.

The first Black friday was in 1924, but back then, it didn’t yet have it’s official “Black Friday” name, it was just the beginning of a now, very well known U.S. tradition.

This special shopping day actually isn’t a national holiday, however many states give their government workers the day off. This god to show how big and widespread this day really is. It’s practically a holiday.

Three years back, in 2012, the approximate total of all of the crazy shoppers over the Black Friday weekend was $59 billion! That’s insane, but imagine how much more they would have spent if they bought all the same items without all the sales.

As you can imply Black Friday comes in first when it comes to the busiest shopping day of the year, but in second is the Saturday before Christmas. The week before Christmas in general holds some of the busiest traffic days of the year. This is probably because of all the last minute shoppers making their rounds before the holiday.


Crazy Black Friday toy shoppers buying their young children’s Christmas gifts.

A holiday similar the The United State’s Black Friday is the United Kingdom’s Boxing Day. Just like Black Friday, Boxing day retailers open their store doors early in the morning, but instead of the day after Thanksgiving it’s on December 26th, the day after Christmas. It’s the perfect time for stores to attempt to rid themselves of the rest of the Christmas specials and gifts.

Black Friday however, isn’t actually the most profitable day of the year, that day is sometime during the actual week of Christmas. Black Friday is just the busiest day when it comes to traffic.

Forty-four percent of the Black Friday shoppers are actually shopping for themselves, the other fifty-six percent are picking up their gifts for others, while trying to save the best they can.

The two retailers that get the most of the sales on Black Friday are Amazon and Walmart. Probably because of the people who want to save and shop in the comfort of their home and for those who like to shop at the already cheaper Walmart.

This day is best to shop for electronics, because this is when you can find the best deals on them. Whether it’s the newest iPhone or X Box, this is the day you are mostly likely to buy it the cheapest.

Now before you go out and spend all of your money, make sure you celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends first. And get sleep. Lot’s of sleep.

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