Should Christmas be celebrated in November

Grace Paustian ’18

Halloween was just over a few weeks ago, and certain people already have lights on their house and Christmas music playing. We all know these people. These people totally disregard Thanksgiving and skip right to Christmas. Are you a person that believes Thanksgiving should be more important than it is, or all you full-force Christmas? These are some opinions from Mercy students.

Grace Metzger ‘18 was pro Thanksgiving. She explained,” Thanksgiving is great and should be thought of at this time. I was about to play some Christmas music, but I realized if I listen to it now, I’ll get bored of it.”

Katie Rieth ‘19 also believed that Thanksgiving doesn’t get as much hype as it should. “It should be thought of as a separate, important holiday. In this day and age, Thanksgiving is just viewed as the placeholder between Halloween and Christmas,” said Katie.

These were two of the few people’s beliefs that didn’t think Christmas should be celebrated already. On the other hand, a large group of people are already focused on Christmas.

Tricia Nagel ‘16 didn’t care as much for Thanksgiving. She said,” Thanksgiving is fine, but Christmas is better. We have a longer break, possibly snow, and presents.”

Sara Ruberg ‘15 also couldn’t wait long enough for Christmas. She listens to Christmas music almost every morning and spreads her Christmas cheer to almost everyone she encounters.

Christmas Fireplace

An image that resembles what Christmas lovers want their living room to look like. Photo courtesy @

In my opinion, Thanksgiving should be more important than it is, but I can’t wait for the Christmas season.

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