TDC dances to the top

Sara Ruberg ‘18

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And I’m not talking about the holidays… it’s dance competition season!

  For my studio, Technical Dance Center, the “dance season” never really ends because of year round classes and conditioning. Although our “competitions/showcases season” begins right around the holidays (if the holidays weren’t stressful enough).

  TDC has been training tirelessly for the first competition of the year, Ohio Dance Masters, from November 20 to November 22. The weekend is going to be jam packed with groups, duets, solos, and workshops.

  Ohio Dance Masters is not just any normal competition, though. Ohio Dance Masters is part of an international dance organization called Dance Masters of America. To be a part of the certified dance educators, you must apply and be accepted or be invited.

   Every year the prestigious program holds a competition for Ohio dance schools and studios at the Dayton Convention Center. My studio has had the privilege of attending the competition for numerous years.

   This year my studio has been working harder than ever because instead of having different divisions, the competition hosts have decided to open all divisions into one. This means that the performing arts schools who specifically study dance every day for hours and hours and the small studios, like TDC, who meet for three hours after school are now competing at the same level instead of being judged easier or harder.

   Normally my classes take place twice a week, but instead we have been increasing our practice time to five days a week in preparation for the intense competition.

   Stress levels have been very high especially this week, competition week. Even though my team has been very anxious for this weekend, this experience has brought us closer than ever before. We may be suffering from physical and mental pain, but, hey, at least we get to suffer together!

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