The addition of arby’s to delhi pike is not a happy one

Grace Paustian ‘18

As a resident of Delhi, Delhi Pike is a staple for me and many others that live in Delhi. Recently, a building was knocked down and said to make a new restaurant. When this news released to the public, I got very excited. I expected either a Chick-fil-A or a Panda Express because these restaurants would certainly bring in money. When I learned that it would become an Arby’s, I think I almost started to cry.

This reaction may sound overdramatic, and maybe it is, but who wants an Arby’s? The answer is almost no one. I surveyed my class, and 21 out of 23 girls preferred Chick-fil-A over Arby’s. If only the people that decided to put an Arby’s on Delhi Pike saw that statistic.

Olivia Short ’17 explained,” Arby’s is dad food. My dad would definitely eat there.” Honestly, I couldn’t agree more.


Typical photo of dads enjoying some dad food (Arby’s). Photo courtesy @

I am upset about that decision, but I am more upset with the fact that there was not a chance for me or others to state what new restaurant we would want. In my opinion, this doesn’t make any sense. Shouldn’t the people that constantly eat at Delhi Pike get some say in what restaurants are available?

In the future, I hope the people that are in charge of putting in new restaurants consider what the people want. Listen to the people, or me at least.

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