Bengals fans stay faithful

Grace Paustian ’18

Monday night football or Monday night garbage? If you ask Bengals fans, the second is probably their answer.

The Cincinnati Bengals played the Houston Texans on November 16. The Bengals came into this game being 8-0, and surprisingly left being 8-1. The Bengals were strongly favored this game, but unfortunately didn’t come out on top.


Photo of Andre Hal (#29) and Charles James II (#31) working hard to take down Jermaine Gresham (#84). Photo courtesy @

The previous undefeated record is now tarnished, but are you giving up on the Bengals? Many fans are not. Although this loss lead to the Texans being 4-5, don’t fret because the Bengals are still #1 baby.

Tricia Nagel ‘16 explained, “ It’s only one game. I still believe.” Grace Metzger has the same faith. She said, “ They are a great team. They will redeem themselves in the later games.”

It is safe to say that Bengals fans are staying faithful. Texans, you have won this time, but we will get our revenge when we win the Superbowl. Who dey!

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