Shanty Town 2015

Gena Porotsky ’19

dscf7772Shanty town is the event where Mercy and McAuley girls spend the night as if they were homeless by sleeping in boxes. This year, the temperatures dropped to about 31 degrees at night. I wasn’t actually able to attend, but some people who did attend told me that aside from the sleeping part (which is supposed to be uncomfortable), it was really fun.

They had a reflection and prayer, then ate dinner. They had soup and bread, just like a meal they might have if they were actually homeless. Then they had guest speakers from the Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless talking about homeless people and the importance of helping out in your community.

McAuley student Megan Glazier said, “It was a great experience that really helped me to see what it’s really like to be homeless.”

Although I didn’t go this year, I will definitely sign up next year to take part in this great opportunity.
Photo courtesy to Mercy’s website

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