Young journalists hard at work

  Sara Ruberg ‘18

  Ever wonder how those newspapers appear on your lunch table at the end of every month? Well wonder no more! It’s just the digital journalism class working hard behind the scenes of each flawless article.

   In this class, the students start the class discussing and debating about current events around the world. As young journalists, we are entitled to stay up to date with all of the latest news.

   After the conversations have ended half of us make our way down to the Mac lab where we get working on our newspaper articles. While the other half of the class stays upstairs for a brainstorming session for blog posts to write.

   Finally after those students have been assigned topics they join the class in the Mac lab and continue to develop their articles.

   One of the best things about this class is being able to write about any of our own interests, hobbies, or events happening in our lives. The class also offers opportunities to go on job shadows, interview anyone from authors to ballerinas, or visit fun places like aquariums or haunted houses and write articles on them.

    Although I am a little biased (because I love journalism) I think that if you enjoy any type of writing, you should enroll in Digital Journalism. Writers can really flourish in this class and can take pride in seeing their name printed on the wonderful paper every month!     

IMG_8491 copy

Blog editor, Olivia Short ’17, writing and editing her blog post. Photo courtesy Sara Ruberg ’18.

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