St. James Food Drive

Gena Porotsky ’19

Last weekend was the first annual food drive at St. James, and I had the honor of being in charge of organizing it. All of the food donated was given to the Corpus Christi food pantry, located out near Northgate.

On the weekend of Halloween, the American Heritage Girls passed out flyers to the parishioners telling them what the food drive was for and what items we needed. Our plan was to collect 5,000+ food items to completely fill the bus with donations, and I would say we fulfilled that challenge.

As we collected the food we put it straight into the bus. Towards the end of the last drop off time, we were running out of room. The bus got so full that it was almost a safety hazard to drive with it because the driver couldn’t see out the back window.

 When we got to the food pantry, it took us about an hour and a half to unload everything, and that was with over a dozen volunteers helping.

In order for the food pantry to be able to receive and distribute the donations, they needed to weigh everything. The overall weight of everything ended up being 5180 pounds, the largest donation Corpus Christi has ever received. They said it should completely stock their food pantry for about four months.File_000

Most of the time, about 40% of the donations they receive are expired, therefore they are not permitted to distribute those items. Out of the 5180 pounds, only 10 pounds were expired. That’s less than 1%!
I am so glad to have been able to help feed the hungry in the Cincinnati area. I hope to be able to help out with this food drive next year, too.

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