final review of the musical

Grace Paustian ’18

The Mercy theater program just finished their final showing of The Sound of Music, and I can say that it was a success. As the show started, the first scene included a group of Mercy’s finest dressed as nuns singing in Latin. Their pitch perfect voices provided a great start to the musical.

As it continued and the storyline unrolled, I felt as if i was placed into the 1960s. The acting was great and the lead, Indigo Hudepohl, really shined. She had a strong voice and a smile that lit up the theater. The musical was about two and a half hours, but I never felt bored or uninterested. The actors and actresses truly did suck you in.


Photo of Indigo before she breaks out in song. Photo courtesy:

Once the play ended, applause filled the whole room. As the actors and actresses bowed, the audience cheered for their friends and family and let them know that they did a great job. Of course people that saw the play loved it, but I was wondering how people who were actually in the play felt about it.

Christina Huber ‘19 was in the play and she said, “It was a really good experience. I loved meeting all the new people and seeing how passionate they are about music.”

Katie Rieth was part of the costume crew, and she saw behind the scenes of the play. She explained, “I was involved in a lot of the quick changes. It was insane because I had to change Indigo into her wedding dress in about 30 seconds. I’d love to do it again, though. It was a great experience.”

In my opinion, the play was great. I wish I could’ve seen it a second time.

Make sure to see the spring play, Midsummer Night’s Dream! I’m sure it will be another hit.

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