Gretl Von Trapp, a.k.a. Marissa Zang

Gena Porotsky ’19

Anyone who went to see Mercy’s production of The Sound of Music can probably say that the acting and singing were both fantastic. We can all agree, though, that the real star of the show was Gretl Von Trapp, or Marissa Zang. She is a six-year-old actress that attends St. James School.

I worked with Marissa backstage to make sure she had her costumes and makeup on at the right times. She was always so excited before every show, and I could definitely tell that she enjoyed it.

“I liked every song I sang in the show, but I think my most favorite was the goodbye song (So Long, Farewell).” This song was sang both during the party scene and the concert scene while the Von Trapp children were leaving.

Each of the kids sang a line about saying goodbye then exited. When it got to Gretl, she sang “the sun has gone to bed and so must I”. Marissa really enjoyed this part because she was the last one left and she had a solo so everyone in the theater was looking at her. “It really made me feel like a star.”

Her favorite line she said in the whole play was when the Von Trapp children were first being introduced to Maria and they each stepped forward and said their names. Marissa’s line was “I’m Gretl and I am five years old.”

Marissa said her favorite part about being in the musical was singing the songs because they were all so fun. She also enjoyed being with the cast and crew. “I made a lot of new friends and everyone was all really nice to me.”

This was one of Marissa’s first shows, and she said it was so much fun that she wants to be in a lot more plays and musicals in the future.

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