Should You See Mockingjay Part Two?

Should You See Mockingjay Part Two?

Olivia Meister ’19

Yes, it’s finally here, the movie every Hunger Games fan has been waiting for ever since last year when the credits of Mockingjay Part One were rolling down the screen. Mockingjay Part Two is indeed in theaters, and here’s what I think about it.

This movie came out on Friday November 20th, however, there were showings for it the Wednesday and Thursday before. I happened to have gotten lucky and had the opportunity to see both Mockingjay Part One and Part Two in theatres on Wednesday night during the double feature. I have to say that it was pretty helpful to watch Part One right before seeing Part Two because there were some parts of the plot that I had forgotten about since I had seen it last. So if you haven’t seen Part One recently, I would recommend finding the time to watch it to refresh your memory.


The Mockingjay Part Two posters. (Photo courtesy

Should you spend the ten or so dollars to see it? Yes, and here’s why; if you have enjoyed the trilogy and/or first three movies, then you certainly will love Part Two. It doesn’t disappoint and is super thrilling and exciting with a little humor of course. It is also considered to be the most violent movie of the franchise. The acting is great, but I mean what else would you seriously expect from J-Law. If you haven’t seen the first three movies already then I would recommend watching them first. Don’t forget to bring your tissues if you find yourself to be emotionally attached to any of the characters, because there are several scenes that may cause a waterfall of tears to flow.

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