Living The Farm Life

Katie Wegman 18’

Featured image: Jumping my pony Champion (her front leg tuck is my favorite *heart eye emoji*)

Mercy is a school of diversity. However, most students are from the suburbs. I too am from the suburbs but with one major difference, my family lives on a farm. My most asked question when I tell people this is, “You live in Indiana then, right?” Wrong. I live on Reemelin Road, just 10 minutes away from Mercy.  The farm is 35 acres and we are one of the biggest farms still working on the West Side.


View of the farm from Red.

My family’s pride and joy is our hitch of Belgian Draft Horses. We have seven Belgians ranging in age from four to ten, they are all geldings. We use the horses mostly in parades, the Red’s Opening Day Parade and Harvest Home Fair Parade being staples each year, along with others.


Jordan and Chuck pulling a historic wagon.

Up until 2000 my family showed the Belgians across the country, winning state and national titles. My grandpa, Ray Wegman, was inducted into the Ohio State Fair Hall of Fame for his contributions to the draft horse industry.


My favorite Belgian, Cody, and I at Opening Day downtown.

One of the coolest things about having a well known farm and family is that the Budweiser Clydesdales stay at my farm anytime they come to Cincinnati. It’s a really fun experience even though we have to move all my horses to the back barn.


Budweiser Clydesdales in the Wegman arena.


There is a whole different mentality attached to having farm-sized responsibilities. You have to put family and the animals over everything else. I don’t have as much time to hang out with friends outside of school or be in lots of extracurriculars because of my responsibilities.


This is what I do instead of “regular” sports. Horse show with Sailor in October.


Most of the time after school is spent feeding animals and riding horses. On any given day I will spend around (usually more than)  three hours feeding and riding one horse.


A few of the chicks I got over the summer, they’re all grown up now!

The horses I ride the most are my Quarter Horse, Red who I like to work with to hone my training skills and body language. My favorite things to do with Red are trail riding, groundwork, and giving people lessons on him because he’s so gentle.


Red enjoying the lush pasture.

The other horse I ride often is my dad’s horse Sailor. I spent the summer training with Sailor and took him to three shows where he did amazing. At his very first show we won every class! We were even able to move up a whole level, and he still impressed me by how easily he learned new, harder things.


Sailor and I after a successful show at Winton Woods Riding Center.

My life is a lot different than that of most of the student body, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. There’s nothing quite as unique as being called “Farmer Katie” by your teachers!

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