A Jimmy Kimmel Christmas

Grace Dearing ’17

With Christmas just around the corner and the lack of snow blanketing the streets, some say they just haven’t felt the Christmas spirit yet this year. Jimmy Kimmel hears these pleas for help and knows just how to solve this crisis. Directing those without Christmas cheer directly to his youtube page, Jimmy has some of the funniest clips that will make you remember why Christmas used to be such a fun and happy holiday.

It’s no secret that Santa has his naughty and nice list, but what if you were actually put on the spot and hooked up to a lie detector test to determine which list you would be on this year? This little girl has no idea how to handle the pressure of sitting across the table from Jimmy, with the Truth Fairy on her left. When the machine tells her she’s lying, she immediately changes her answer to avoid that awful buzzing noise. (Keep in mind the whole machine is fake and is being controlled by Jimmy’s foot.) Because clearly, the flashing colander on her head knows the truth better than she does, right? Watch for yourself here: http://youtu.be/__H7HRZkblY

You know those relatives that you never really speak to, but when Christmas rolls around they feel obligated to get you a present? Sometimes, you get lucky and get a gift card or money or a gift that you actually enjoy but other times, not so much. Most people’s reactions to a cringe-worthy gift would be to smile and say thank you even if you knew you would never touch that particular item again. It was nice that they had even thought to give you a gift, right? Well, these kids didn’t seem to get the message of “It’s the thought that counts.” http://youtu.be/q4a9CKgLprQ

Tired of the same Christmas songs being played year after year, over and over again? Want a new one to add to your “Christmas Jams” playlist? How about The Killers’ collaboration with Jimmy Kimmel, in which they sing about a lump of coal on Christmas, complete with an animated music video? How do you think it would feel to be referred to by children as the most dreaded Christmas present? http://youtu.be/6xZ3Ezl5-Lk

Yes, Christmas is a time of family and laughter and joy, but it can also be a great time to prank your friends! Whether it be with a gag gift at your annual Christmas party or if it involves real-life reindeer, any prank during Christmas time is something to smile about. If you need any ideas about just how to prank your friend, Jimmy Kimmel, Emily Blunt, and John Krasinski have got you covered. http://youtu.be/fukx0OR1ao4

Ugly sweater parties are usually a favored theme during the Christmas season, however most people just choose one sweater to wear and call it a night. But, at the Jimmy Kimmel studios they aren’t known for doing things normally. Jimmy’s co-worker, Guillermo, just couldn’t decide on one sweater to wear, he chose 25 and broke the Guinness Book of World Records for most sweaters worn at once in the process. Check it out: http://youtu.be/HsYGcDVtnjo

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