Christmas Turns Scary in Theaters

 Christina Huber’19

If you’re looking for a Christmas movie to get you in the spirit, the new Christmas horror movie, “Krampus,” probably isn’t for you. While Christmastime is the most wonderful time of the year, a European folklore warns naughty children of Krampus. In the movie, coming to theaters Dec. 4, young Max turns his back on Christmas because of his dysfunctional family’s obsession over the holidays. Max later learns that his lack of Christmas spirit has unleashed Krampus, the demonic force of ancient evil, punishing those who don’t believe. Max and his family are forced for fight for each other, in hopes of surviving their monstrous Christmastime.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, 93% of people that have viewed the website want to see the movie. After the movie was released on Friday Dec. 4, 67% of viewers appeared to have enjoyed the movie.  Critics began to compare “Krampus” to other frightful movies released around Christmas, such as “Gremlins.” Critics said,“But if you’re looking for another ‘Gremlins’– that classic 1984 Christmas frightfest to which reviewers just can’t resist comparing to ‘Krampus’ — you should probably keep looking.”

Below are a few more thoughts on the new movie made by reporters and critics.

Hollywood reporter, Frank Scheck said, “Krampus is not exactly likely to become a feel-bad Christmas perennial.  But it’s not a complete lump of coal.”

Steve Unwin, from universal pictures said, “Occasionally funny, intermittently scary, but mostly hectic and sloppy, ‘Krampus’tries very hard to be a different kind of Christmas movie. It wants to have its store-bought fruitcake and eat it too, to satirize the meanness and materialism of holiday-observing Americans and also connect with the vaguely defined real meaning of the season.”

Sarah Stewart, from the New York Post says, “A howling blizzard descends, and director Michael Dougherty sets most of the haphazard action in either swirling snow or relentlessly blinking holiday light, so good luck figuring out what’s going on. Squinting, I could make out a giant horned figure — that’d be Krampus — and his minions, including goblinlike gingerbread cookies and a gang of nightmarish toys. ”

Max Nicholson, from IGN says, “While genuine frights are slim, the movie is packed with great imagery, solid commentary and laugh-out-loud moments — not unlike director Michael Dougherty’s last film, ‘Trick ‘r Treat.'”

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