Derek: The Most Unproblematic Show

For the past week, I’ve been going through my Netflix queue, rewatching my most loved TV shows. Most recently, Derek has been the only one playing on my screen. Derek is, in my opinion, the most genuine and unproblematic show that has ever graced anyones life. Featuring Ricky Gervais, this show is filmed in an actual care home for the elderly, with residents being residents throughout the show.’Gervais plays 50-year-old Derek Noakes, a care worker at Broad Hill, a home for the elderly, who has worked there for three years. He likes watching reality TV shows and game shows and is interested in celebrities, YouTube and, above all, talking about animals. The viewer is told he is kind, helpful and selfless, with good intentions.’

Throughout the course of 2 seasons, Derek is confronted with real-life situations, such as residents dying, his missing father returning after 50 years, and the dilemma of which YouTube video about animals he should watch next. Joined by the head nurse Hannah, the repairman Doug/Dougie, a slob named Kev that hangs around, and various other nurses that come in and out of the home, Derek makes the best of every situation with help from his friends. Below are gifs of one of the best moments of the show, when a man surveying the home asks Derek if he would be open to testing for autism.








Derek brings out the best in everyone, including the watcher. Here are some more little snapshots of the show that I put in hopes that you’ll be intrigued enough to watch it. The trailer for the first season is also linked at the bottom for your watching pleasure.


Derek and Dougie take on the beach.


Dereks favorite activity: Watching YouTube videos of animals singing.


After the death of one of the residents, Dereks missing father returns and begins living at the care center.

In 2 short seasons (and one special), Derek changed the lives of all the watchers. Please enjoy these parting words from the man himself, and take the time to watch the trailer as well.


Written by Giorgia Close ’16

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