Seniors dance the night away

Kelly Wilzbach ’16

On Friday, December 4, the seniors at Mercy drove out to Colerain to have a great time with all of their friends. The Donauschwaben held the Christmas Ball just like they have in the past years. Everyone had a great time and everyone looked great!

In my personal opinion I thought the music was a lot better than prom last year. The songs played at Christmas Ball were upbeat and fun to dance to.   Of course it was mostly the girls dancing the night away. I’ve realized over the past 4 years that at dances the guys will only dance when it’s a song they really enjoyed, a slow song (sometimes), or maybe their dates make them come on the dance floor, but they still have fun talking to everyone and getting to catch up with people maybe they haven’t seen since grade school.   Senior Tricia Nagel said, “The music was great dancing music and everyone danced the entire night. The guys seem like they don’t enjoy the dances, but we all know they really do.”

Everyone enjoyed the photo booth. There was always a long line. The place the dance was at was just enough room for all of us. I like the place it was held at. It was a great time being able to see all our friends dressed up and dance the night away.

The Charismas Ball court was Ellen Baverman, Rosie Knight, Jenna Minelli, Rachel Bradey, and Karly Maas. For the first time ever Mercy had two winners. The Christmas Ball queens were Ellen Baverman and Jenna Minelli!! The dance was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed myself. I think everyone can agree with me when I say that this dance was definitely a good memory to take with me when I graduate from Mercy.


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