Walk the Moon Releases Different Colors EP

Katie Rieth ‘19

Five days ago on December fourth of 2015, Walk the Moon released their Different Colors Ep. Included in this EP, is the original song “Different Colors,” a remix of the song courtesy of the Griswolds (my favorite band), a cover of the original song by Lost Kings (who I have now come to fall in love with their music as well), and two new songs, “Boyfriend” and “It’s Your Thing.”

Being the Walk-the-Moon-obsessed person I am, as soon as I saw the release announcement on their Instagram, I immediately got into iTunes and bought the whole EP. This EP has been my favorite thing to listen to for the last few days. Not only because it’s Walk the Moon, but because it makes me happy when I hear the mash-ups and remixes of one of my favorite songs!

My personal favorite song on the EP is “Boyfriend,” a new song from Walk the Moon. This song is so upbeat and fun just like every other of their songs-besides “Iscariot” of course. “Boyfriend” is about a guy who is psyching himself up to go talk to a girl he likes. To do this, he relies on cliché 80’s movies and uses scenes in order to decide what he’s going to say. Nick mentions a few classics in the song such as The Breakfast Club and James Bond.

Aside from the songs, which of course are all amazing, the best part of this EP is the cover. I believe the cover speaks for itself in saying how awesome it is

You’re welcome.

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