Heartbreaking news for Chipotle lovers

Grace Metzger ’18

Chipotle is a Mexican fast food restaurant that is the favorite of many. There has recently been 17 reported cases of E. Coli due to the chicken, with 3 in Ohio (Lyndhurst, Parma, Akron). This is horrible news for all of the basic white girls out there who get Chipotle everyday. As the vine famous boy once said: 

E. Coli (short for Escherichia coli) cases started in Washington and Oregon near the middle of October. Chipotle closed 32 of its restaurants in this area out of caution and began to thoroughly clean each restaurant that was linked to E. Coli at some point, replaced the ingredients they used and changed the way they cooked the food. This bacteria is usually harmful, but can sometimes create toxins in the body that cause diarrhea and kidney failure.

Chipotle is trying to make sure they have very restaurant free of E. Coli and safe for their customers to eat without worrying. They are testing their key ingredients and examining their food with new safety procedures to eliminate the amount of cases found.

Although it seems that Chipotle is the cause of all of the E. Coli cases, customers could be lying about getting the bacteria just to sew the restaurant. There was a lawsuit against Chipotle for $75,000 and there could be many more, some Chipotle won’t even be responsible for. 

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