The Festival of Lights at The Cincinnati Zoo

Elena Harter ’17

Haven’t gotten enough Christmas yet? Here’s some more to fill yourself with Christmas cheer!

The Cincinnati Zoo has done their Festival of Lights for 33 years. The festival goes from November 21st to January 2nd. 5-9pm on Sundays-Thursdays and 5-10pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Adult tickets are $18 at the gate.

The Cincinnati Zoo advises you to buy your tickets online instead of having to wait in the long ticket lines. It will give you more time to see the lights!

Try to arrive before 6pm so you can avoid the traffic getting into the zoo and the fight for parking! (Parking costs $9) If you can, maybe over break, try to visit the zoo between Sunday and Thursday because they won’t be as busy then and you won’t have to worry about beating the crowds.

Don’t forget that you’ll be visiting when it’s reaaaally cold out so make sure you wear enough layers and even bring a blanket if you plan on sitting somewhere to watch the lights!

The light show has more than 2 million lights that are lit up all night! The festival includes a 35-foot-tall tree covered with more than 20,000 LED lights.

festival of lights cincinnati zoo

Photo credits to The Cincinnati Zoo website.

The festival also includes two 4-D movies to make your trip to the zoo better! They’ll be showing The Polar Express and Ice Age. The festival makes itself exciting for all ages! You’ll be truly in a special wonderland walking through the festival!

festival of lights cincinnati zoo2

Photo credits to The Cincinnati Zoo website.

Not only do you get to see millions of lights, you also get to see the adorable animals enjoying the light show too! The festival has special light shows surrounding you at all times, so basically it’ll be impossible to be in the dark at night here… If you time it right, you should be able to see Santa and Mrs. Claus there when it gets closer to Christmas!

festival of lights cincinnati zoo3

Photo credits to The Cincinnati Zoo website.

After Christmas the festival of lights will be celebrating “Happy Zoo Year” where they introduce their new animals to the zoo and have a firework show for the New Year celebrations.

While you walk through the zoo, The Cincinnati Zoo has created a scavenger hunt to make the trip more enjoyable! You can access this by downloading their app.

Hopefully you can make it to The Cincinnati Zoo for the Festival of Lights!


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