Deck the Halls!

Stephanie Conners ’18

Hallway Decorating is a competition between homerooms to decorate the hallways of Mercy.  Student Council runs this competition and the homeroom reps are in charge of getting their particular homeroom ready.  Each grade is given a theme and they are required to base their hallway off of this theme.  The winning homeroom gets a Panera breakfast and the most creative grade gets a money boost for the raffle fundraiser in the Spring.  This is a fun Christmas Tradition, but sometimes the lack of volunteers causes a lot of unnecessary stress for the members of Student Council.


The idea of this competition is to get the students ready for Christmas break and have some friendly competition.  Even though the doors brighten up the hallway for the teacher and students, getting the doors ready can be aggravating.  One of the biggest problems is that the homeroom reps are always struggling  to find volunteers to help, and sometimes they have to do the whole thing themselves. Trying to complete an entire hallway in a set amount of times with only a few volunteers would make anyone a little stressed, especially before exam week.

The winner of the competition was 10D.  They will be receiving a Panera breakfast at the end of the week.  There was also a tie between two grades for the raffle money bonus.  The Freshman and Seniors are splitting the $1 bonus for the raffle, each receiving $0.50.  Now that the competition has come to a close and all the hallways are beautifully decorated, the stressed out student council members can take a break and the rest of school can admire the wonderful work of their fellow classmates.

Below are some of the creative ways the students decorated their hallways and doors.

Some of the many creative hallways and doors created by Mercy students.


FullSizeRender IMG_3623

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