Grandparents Day

There’s no place like home… except Grandma’s” – unknown. On Tuesday, December 8th Mercy hosted the Senior’s and Freshman’s grandparents for brunch and a liturgy. One by one the grade levels were called into the gym where chairs and a makeshift altar were set up. My grandparents were already in their seats with one saved for me.

The liturgy started soon after. Tuesday was a very special day for a multitude of reasons. My grandmother who was a graduate from Mercy got the walk the hallways again and in Mass we celebrated the Immaculate Conception. This is a Marian feast day. Mary was conceived without Original Sin and that is why she was able to be become the mother of Christ.

After Mass concluded, this time capsule that was presented by Ms. McDougal was explained to us. The Sophomores and Juniors went back to class along with the Freshman and Seniors who didn’t host their Grandparents after . The remaining students and Grandparents were treated to brunch, which was lovely for us students who didn’t eat breakfast. Coffee, juice, and pastries were provided as choices.

It was a wonderful day. I look forward to Senior year when I can do it again.

Grace Ehrhardt ‘19

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