DIY Christmas Decorations

Jody Hetzel ’19

It’s the Christmas season and everyone is very merry. Though there seems to be one thing missing. Decorations. Decorations are the key detail to setting the mood during the holiday season. However many Christmas decorations can be expensive, so ask yourself, how can I find a resolution? Well DIY decorations is the answer. Decorations are so much better when they are made by hand. They also mean more because it shows you put effort into it. Below are a few Christmas DIY decorations to set the mood for your holiday season.



Snowflakes may be the easiest decoration to make. What you will need are some pieces of paper, scissors, and tape.

  1. Take the paper and fold it into a triangle
  2. Cut into the folded side of the paper
  3. Open it up and find a beautiful snowflake
  4. Repeat this step


Now that you have some snowflakes you can tape them to your ceiling making it look like it’s snowing.


Deer head Canvas:

You will need a canvas, paper, scissors, glue, and paint.

  1. Paint the canvas any design you want
  2. Cut out a reindeer head on paper
  3. Paint the reindeer head
  4. Glue the reindeer head on the canvas


Now you can hang this cute canvas on the wall to add a little more style to the room!!


Although lights are not a DIY they really help set the mood. You can get pretty cheap lights from the dollar store as well as any store. If you drape them across your headboard or window it will add a little extra style for not that much money. I love hanging up lights because I think they are so cute and you can keep them up year round.

Glowing lights in the dark.


If you don’t want to buy a bunch of garland for your tree you can make DIY garland. Everybody loves popcorn so why not turn it into garland? You will need string, a needle, and popcorn.

  1. Take the popcorn and string the string through it.
  2. Finish the string off with a knot
  3. Hang the popcorn garland on your tree.


Now you have a cute garland that you can say you made yourself. I think it adds a cute touch to your tree instead of the usual garland that is store bought.


All of these DIY’s I have made and they look great! They were so much fun to make and I enjoyed doing them with family and friends. I hope you will try these on your own and have as much fun as I did making them!!

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