Jody Hetzel ’19

On Sunday December 6, 2015, a girl was beat with a master lock. You may be surprised. Why would someone beat someone with lock? It was originally a fight. The fight was supposed to be held at Kuliga Park but was stopped by local police. They then moved the fight to Our Lady of Visitation. It was between two girls about a guy. They started fighting and people were taking videos and laughing at what was going on. McKenzie Branch was fighting another girl who’s friends later jumped in and jumped McKenzie. One of the friends beat her with a master lock. No one knows why she had a master lock but she did.

McKenzie kept fighting even though she was bleeding like crazy. The fight was resolved once McKenzie had to be hospitalized. She was seriously injured and has been in recovery. Below is a video and some pictures of what happened.


You can watch the video at: http://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/hamilton-county/green-township/girl-14-hospitalized-after-beaten-with-padlock-during-green-township-fight

Photo and Video credit to WCPO news.

The girl who started the fight and the girl who beat McKenzie Branch with a lock were both charged with misdemeanor assault to disorderly conduct.

This just shows what our society has come to. Although not everyone is like this, it shows what kind of people are out there and what they are capable of.

What you should learn from this video: locks can be dangerous and don’t fight. It’s that simple.

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