Nate Ruess.

Nate Ruess. The man of my life. In the past 4 years, I have seen him live a total of 2 times, once freshman year, and the most recent, 2 weeks ago at Ohio University in Athens.

You most likely know Nate Ruess from fun., his band with Jack Antonoff and Andrew Dost. fun. won ‘Best New Artist’ in 2013, despite being started in 2008. Don’t feel too bad if you only know him from Some Nights, Carry On, and We Are Young, but try to check out his jams, since those songs aren’t like his other music.

When I heard Nate was coming near me, I immediately bought 2 tickets, one for me and the other for my best friend Kiely. Kiely was in France when this happened so she didn’t know that I had bought the tickets. When I picked her up from the airport I had made her a sign with our favorite album cover on it and surprised her and her mom. Pretty cool.

We counted down the days to the concert by sending each other daily lyrics from his new album. I also had a countdown app that sent us a text each morning of the time left. 69 days turned into the day of the event, and it was lit.

The day of the concert we brought all 4 of the fun. and Nate Ruess albums, prepped for the 3 hour ride to Athens. On the way we stopped at McDonald’s and got mozzarella sticks. This isn’t relevant to the story, I just love mozzarella sticks.

Anyways, we made it. 3rd row, smack in the center of the auditorium. The opening act was Saint Motel, which was really interesting¬†because no one really knew they were coming. They are popular for their debut album and song ‘My Type’, which you can listen to here.


There’s Saint Motel above, and also a good visual of how close we were. They finished up and we were all hyped. Nate Ruess was coming up. I felt weak, might have blacked out, and when the lights dimmed for him to come out I honestly could not stand up.


He came out singing songs from Grand Romantic, his solo album. Nothing Without Love was his opener and I fell in love with him again. He is such a lovely and lively performer and genuinely looked like he was enjoying his time at the concert. Nate introduced each of his band members personally, and the concert began.


Throughout the show, he stopped and talked with the audience, asking questions and telling stories about his songs and the process of writing them. He went through both fun. and Grand Romantic songs, along with covers of his favorite songs from the 80’s.

When the night was coming to a close, he gave us 4 separate encores of new songs. During the last encore he walked into the audience crying, thanking us for the support throughout the years and for coming to the concert. With a final wave, he was gone, and I felt complete and empty at the same time.


We left the venue in silence, and on the way home we heard 2 Saint Motel songs and Nothing Without Love by Nate. I taped my ticket to the wall of my bedroom when I got home, next to the one from 4 years ago.

Nate Ruess is cool as heck and you should listen to his songs. If you sit and listen to someone’s music and focus on the lyrics, it can change your life. Below is the music video to his most popular song, Nothing Without Love.

Giorgia Close ’16

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