The Polar Express

Kelly Wilzbach ’16

There are so many classic Christmas movies.  Everyone knows the popular movies like Elf, The Polar Express, Santa Claus, etc.  One favorite that is known by all as a great Christmas movie is The Polar Express.

Imagine you’re sitting at home over Christmas break and turn on ABC Family and you see that The Polar Express is on.  You just have to sit and watch it right?  Right.  It’s cute, funny, and a great movie to watch with the family.  Everyone knows the songs.  Believe and When Christmas Comes to Town are two of the most popular songs listened to from this movie.  I love these two songs! In my personal opinion I think this movie is one of my favorite Christmas movies.  Grace Metzger said, “It always puts me in the Christmas spirit and I feel like whenever I’m watching it I need to be drinking some hot chocolate.”

Many people agree with Grace.  The Polar Express has been many peoples favorite Christmas movie ever since it came out in 2004.  I can definitely say that this is a movie everyone should watch during the Christmas season.


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