Battle of the Bands: The Finals

Grace Dearing ‘17

Most teens in Cincinnati would argue that, at our age, there is just nothing fun or exciting to do on the weekends. There’s nothing new. They would say that we’ve all just fallen into a routine; football games, basketball games, movies, or just simply hanging out at someone’s house on the weekend. Up until three months ago I would have said the same thing. Don’t get me wrong, these are all fun events but after a while you just want a taste of something fresh and unique! It wasn’t until I went to the second round of the Battle of the Bands at The Underground that I was finally excited about something again. I had finally found something that I looked forward to on the weekends that was different. The Battle of the Bands isn’t a weekly occurance, so I wasn’t tired of it after a few weeks. (Although, it may have also helped that I’m obsessed with live music and listening to new bands.)


It’s not too late for you to experience the atmosphere of the battle, either. With tickets only $16 at the door, The Underground makes the perfect venue to spend your Saturday night. The final round of Battle of the Bands is January 16 at 7pm. The lineup consists of four different, local bands and artists; Break Up Lines, Warshful, Encounter, and Kyle Hackett. Each of these performers will bring something unique to the lineup with each of their different sounds.

Break Up Lines are a post pop-punk band from Cincinnati. Complete with screaming, deep bass, and intense guitars and drums, Break Up Lines captures everything the pop-punk is, but with a bit of an edge. Their lyrics are easy to learn and fun to sing along to and will have the crowd jumping up and down for the entire set!

From Xenia, Ohio, Warshful is an alternative rock band. With catchy lyrics and epic guitar solos, the band brings everything they’ve got to the stage. People in the audience just can’t help but to join in and sing along!


Encounter at the semi-finals of battle of the bands. Photo credit: Encounter on Facebook

Even if you’re not necessarily into the alt rock music genre, you will be able to find something you love. Encounter takes the traditional folk style of music and puts their own twist on it. With strong vocals and a heavy guitar undertone, Encounter has just enough folk and rock influence to merge the two genres together.


Kyle at the semi-finals of battle of the bands. Photo credit: @theugcincy on Instagram

On the other hand, Kyle Hackett’s sound has more of the “chill” factor. Onstage with his guitar, Kyle’s strong voice and smooth music instantly calms anyone listening. He’s like Ohio’s very own Ed Sheeran!


This final round of the battle is going to be incredible and you won’t want to miss it!



Where: The Underground

When: January 16, 7pm

Why: Because, why not?

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