Bobcat Basketball Bonding

Christina Huber ’19

Basketball season has started and Mercy’s basketball team is shooting for victory! Mercy’s varsity basketball team currently has a record of 6 wins and 6 losses. By working more as a team, communicating, and working hard at practice, the team hopes to become stronger in order to have a great season.

The team recently traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to participate in a Holiday Tournament from December 27th to December 30th. Aside from basketball, in Atlanta, the team had a great time hanging out together at their hotel and going to a dance that was hosted for all of the basketball teams in the tournament. They also got to do some sightseeing such as taking a ride on the Atlanta streetcar. Their record in Atlanta was 2 wins and 1 loss.

Some other fun facts about Mercy’s basketball team:

-Their favorite song to jam to is Jumpman.

-They watched the movie, “Mighty Macs” together. Lauren Huber, varsity senior guard said, “The movie takes place at Immaculata College. A woman wants to start the first basketball team at the college and be the coach.  There wasn’t a gym, a budget, or much support from other people, but she was determined.  The girls on the team started off very undisciplined but the coach made it a priority for the team to work together.  They continued getting better as a team and a nun at the college felt it was her calling to help coach. The team eventually won a national championship.”

-They made their own mixed tape to warm-up to.

-In their group chat, they have a game day goat pic that is sent to the team from one of the captains.


Photo credits to Mercy’s varsity basketball team.

-At their coach’s house, the whole team signed a tree stump that they thought would make a perfect bench.


Photo credits to Lauren Huber.



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