Worst Christmas Gifts

Kelly Wilzbach ’16

Everyone knows the feeling when you open a present and absolutely hate it, but have to put on an act and act like you love it.  I know I have had instances where I have had to.  Not every gift you get is the perfect gift or is exactly what you wanted.  I think we can all agree that we have gotten a bad Christmas gift and and to throw a smile and look at the person and say “Thanks you so much!” and try and sound happy about it.

I decided to ask people what their worst christmas gifts were.  Grace Paustian ’18 told me that her worst gift was an ornament.  I also asked Tricia Nagel ’16 and she said, “I got an Indian doll.  That thing was creepy and I didn’t like it.”  I asked Olivia Short ’17 and she said, “I have many relatives from out of town and they always get me gift cards to places we don’t have around here.  I also got a baby alive doll and I was so scared of that thing.”  The last person I asked was Olivia Meister ’19 and she told me that her worst gift was socks.   I love christmas and I love the gifts I get, but I think we can all say that there has been a time where we just don’t like a gift we got one year.

If you get a bad christmas gift, just do what this kid does.

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