Bengals vs. Steelers Playoff Game 2016

Christina Huber ‘19

January 8th, 2016:
It’s playoff time in Cincinnati and Bengals fans are ready to roar in the jungle in hopes of a victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Bengals have had twelve playoff appearances and five consecutive playoff seasons. Out of those seasons, the Bengals have made it to the Super bowl two times, but unfortunately lost both games.

All Bengals fans are hoping that this is the year our NFL team goes all the way. The Steelers and Bengals will finally get to settle the score in this playoff game, and what better way than do play our AFC North rivals in our hometown! Many fans also question if the Bengals will be able to pull out a win without our first string quarterback, Andy Dalton who is injured with a broken thumb. But will Aj McCarron, second string quarterback from the University of Alabama, be able to handle the pressure and win for the Cincinnati Bengals? Many say that McCarron’s confidence and cockines will, in fact, be an asset to this playoff game.

As of now, the odds of winning the game went to the Steelers, according to
Which team will be sent packing and will be heading home early? It’s in the hands of the game now.

January 9th 2016:
Saturday’s game definitely left fans shocked. The Bengals didn’t start the game out too well. At halftime the score was 15-0 with the Steelers winning. However, later in the game, the Bengals had the jungle roaring with 2 touchdowns to make it a one point game. Fans were beyond excited and ready for the Bengals to have finally won a playoff game. At the end of the game, the rivalry between the two teams really showed when a Bengals player knocked into a Steeler, leaving him laying on the field with an injury.

Another Bengal began to get in the face of a game official and the result between both players was a total of 30 yards in penalties for the Bengals. The Steelers were then in field goal range and won the game with a final score of 18-16. Bengals fans have to wonder if this playoff opportunity will ever come around again. Fans were left heartbroken and disappointed with the turnout of the game. Bengal nation can only hope that next year will be our year!

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