Sherlock Special

January 1st at 6pm, the first episode of Sherlock aired in over a year. After the 3rd season was aired last year around Christmas, the producers and directors announced that they were planning on having a special Victorian-era episode for Christmas, The Abominable Bride.

The episode has the original cast in it, playing the same characters. It follows the basic lines of the first episode from the original series where John comes back from Afghanistan, meets up with an old friend, and is set up as a roommate with an eccentric man. After this, however, is where the story changes. John writes tales of their adventures which are published in the local newspaper, and Sherlock continues to take on impossible cases from the Constable.

The case this episode is about is called The Abominable Bride, the story of a woman that killed herself while in her wedding gown, then later returned from to dead to shoot and kill her husband. The only problem is that she was dead in the morgue during the time of the shooting.

The case goes cold after a few days of investigation, and is not brought back up until a man receives a letter from the dead bride, threatening his life. Sherlock and John are hired back on, and stay at the man house overnight to try and protect him.

Halfway through the night the husband is visited by the bride, being seen by the man, his wife, and John Watson. Sherlock, however, takes off on his own mission. During the time he is gone, the husband is stabbed in the chest with a silver fire poker.

If you haven’t kept up with the first 3 seasons of Sherlock, this might not be the special for you. It draws a lot on the previous episodes for characters, plot, and references, even though it isn’t directly related to the prior seasons.

Sherlock airs on PBS Masterpiece Theater, time varying, and is currently available for streaming here.

Giorgia Close ’16


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