Weather mania

Grace Metzger ’18

Last night, January 11th, we were all expecting at least a two-hour delay due to the snow predicted. The weather forecast called for snow starting at 4 a.m. and ending at about 7. Unfortunately, everyone woke up to be disappointed because school wasn’t called off and we didn’t even have a delay.

I cried when I heard my alarm go off and saw that I had no texts from Mercy. This was just the beginning of a hectic day.

I woke up to a somber day because of the let down from the weatherman predicting more snow than there actually was. There was snow on the ground on a school day for the first time this winter and I still had to go to school.

Pulling out of my driveway took a good 5 minutes because if I went any faster my car would’ve fishtailed. There was a lot of traffic on my way to school from drivers taking precautions of the snow. Getting to school late means parking far away and having a long, cold walk into the not so warm building of ours. My first bell was honor time which led me to be mournful of this wasted snow as I watched it fall. As i watched the snow come down harder and harder I became an optimist of the day hoping that we would possibly get an early dismissal- but that was also ruined.

Sadly, there is no more snow predicted for the rest of the week. So overall the expected snow day was a disaster.


Physical representation of how all mercy students felt this morning.



All hopes of a snow day in the future were demolished

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