Boy Meets World 3rd Annual Show

Boy Meets World is an Ohio based pop-punk band that has recently become more and more recognized by fans around America. Even with this popularity, they still come back every year and do a show around December/January in Cincinnati for the original fans. This year their guests were Into the Skies, Break Up Lines, and Harbour, the most popular band on the line up. Like the terrible hipster trash I am, I was in front row and was mostly ignoring the people I could tell were only their for Harbour.

Into the Skies was honestly frightening. To start off, the venue for the concert was insanely small. This did not stop a man in front of me from moshing, or possibly having a seizure. The lead singer of the band would go in and out from screaming to talking, but the bands music was so loud you could never hear what he was saying. All the while being beat up on and punched by seizure-man in the front. Their set went quickly, thank god, and soon the venue was mostly quiet, and the man in front of me had stopped jerking around.

Break Up Lines is run by 2 of my friends, Kevin A. and Jake L. They opened with Christmas music, including a cover of Mariah Careys ‘All I Want For Christmas’. They moved onto their new music, and the set was quickly over. After they performed they joined myself and the other people with me to watch Harbour and Boy Meets World. Below is BUL set, and in the bottom left corner is myself and friend Lexi.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 8.33.36 AM

When Harbour was set to come on, I could actually feel my soul being sucked out. People were shoving me into the stage, and while I tried to help one of my friends in the band set up lights, they were screaming. Now, I know people in Harbour. Specifically Ryan Green, the lead singer that everyone wants. I’ve not known them as long as one of my friends, but there was conversations that happened. This meant that when they came on to perform, Ryan said hello to myself and the others with me. This was the beginning of my ultimate downfall.

People who saw me talk to Ryan were infuriated. I was tapped almost 10 times by different people demanding to know how I knew him. People were purposefully trying to shove their way in front of myself and my friend Lexi. This was even worse because it was Lexis birthday. When Harbours set was over, and I cant even tell you what songs they played because I was focused on not being mauled, I once more scandalously talked to Ryan, asking if I could have copies of their set list, for myself and Lexi. He agreed, whipped out a Sharpie, and had the band sign copies of the list, write little notes, and passed them out to my little group.

Boy Meets World came on, and I shoved the set lists into my purse, in fear that they would be taken. The venue emptied out a little as the Harbour fans left, and BMW took the stage. Their set came and went, and soon it was time to head home.

Harbour and Break Up Lines are potentially performing at Bunbury this year. Break Up Lines performs this Saturday at the Undergrounds Battle of the Bands. Into the Skies is currently on a break, and Boy Meets World is a question mark.

Listen to each bands music here:


Break Up Lines

Boy Meets World

Into The Skies

Giorgia Close ’16

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