Freshman/Sophomore Dance

By Maura Gormley ’19

The Freshman/Sophomore dance is one of the most anticipated events of the school year for freshman and sophomores alike. The topic of this Hollywood-themed event has been on our minds nonstop for weeks! Talk of hair, dresses, dates, and even boutonnieres have completely taken over all lunchtime conversation. We could only hope that the dance lives up to our expectations.

The only part where I really felt nervous was in pinning on my dates boutonniere. I had never done that before and I had my fingers crossed that I wouldn’t cause him to bleed out on his white shirt.

Whereas pre-dance dinners were fun, my date and I couldn’t wait to get to the dance. For the first time in my high school career, I was actually excited to walk into the school. The decorations in the hallway were simple and elegant. The theme was not shoved down our throats but not underplayed either After awkwardly blowing into a breathalyzer and walking down a “red carpet” made of tissue paper, we walked into the dark gym. People were already buzzing around dancing to blaring pop songs and thoroughly enjoying themselves.  


Dancing with another bobcat, Olivia (left). Photo credit 


My date and I anticipating a long night of dancing. Photo credit Ellen Gormley

The decorations in the hallway were creative and not overdone. The gym itself was a bit bare but that was made up for by the flashing ligts and the free popcorn bags. The highlight of my night was the first slow song. My date has to show me how to slow dance as I was completely clueless. Rocking back and forth with my arms around his neck I could only pray that I wouldn’t step on his feet. All in all, I found the dance to be a whirlwind of music, fun, friends, poor decorations, and most importantly, free popcorn.


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