PLL Five Years Forward – SPOILERS HERE

Rose Homoelle ’19

Pretty Little Liars has been a hit show for 6 years now. Fans were delighted to hear that the PLL legacy would not end after season 6. There would be a sequel series, PLL Five Years Forward. However, the new series is not exactly what some fans had hoped for.


PLL Five Years Forward Season 1 Episode 1 – Photo Credit

What happened to all of our power couples? Spencer and Toby, Hannah and Caleb, Aria and Ezra? None of these relationships lasted, leaving fans with only one question: Why?

The biggest shocker for me was probably Spencer and Toby. I think pretty much everyone was hoping they would be married or engaged in this new series. I think we can all agree that this couple will be very missed.

Aria and Ezra wasn’t a huge shocker, their relationship lost hope a long time ago. But I think we were all kind of hoping that they were back together in this new series. Anything can happen, am I right? But alas Aria has a new boy, Liam.

Hannah is engaged to a man who is definitely not Caleb. She seems to be happy, but of course the fandom is crushed. Did the writers honestly think that by crushing the entire PLL fandom, their show would be more popular?

As for Emily, she is having a pretty rough time. Her dad died, and she’s not in a good place. I wish that she was happy, but I suppose everything can’t be butterflies and sunshine if they want an interesting sequel.

Apparently Ali is married. Interesting. Can’t say I’m upset, or surprised, or happy. Ali seems like one of those characters that is just full of surprises. You never really know what to expect with her. She’s full of secrets.

So as we can see, the writers have definitely mixed it up. Some of the PLL fandom is crushed. However, I hope that Five Years Forward is a success and the show goes strong. No one is ready to let go of these girls anytime soon.

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