The Premiere of “Shadowhunters”

By Elizabeth Davis ’19

“Shadowhunters” premiered Tuesday, January 12, 2016, on the newly named FreeForm channel. Eighteen year old Clary Fray lives in New York, with her mother and her best friend Simon. While celebrating her birthday, Clary feels her life is extremely “mundane” until she witnesses a murder that only she can see. Shortly after this invisible display, her mother is taken by an enemy, that Clary didn’t even know her mother had. Her only hope of saving her mother and protecting her friend, Simon, from the evil forces of a secret world are to work with the shadowhunters, who committed the murder.

Shadowhunters is not the original story, or original name of this series. The book, “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones,” originally published in 2008, was a huge success. This success led to a movie (same name) that hit theaters in 2013, and unfortunately didn’t have the same outcome. The failure of the movie was crushing for fans of the series, as the rest of the story would go untold on screen. Because of the movie, fans of the shadow world were hesitantly excited when the announcement of the TV show was released.

Finally the long awaited date arrived, and the pilot episode was dropped almost a month ago. The pilot episode can best be described as bittersweet. There were great moments in the show that came directly from the book. At the same time, some of the lines could only be described as cheesy and not very well thought out. The actors, for the most part, have a great set-up for their characters, with the exception of Dominic Sherwood, who plays Jace. Dominic has more challenges than the other actors because of his lines, which have given him the nickname “the dictionary.” His lines are overwhelming the audience with information. All of that being said, the overall direction of the show is going great places, and if the writers and actors are allowed the time to truly grow into their characters the show is going to be a success.



The cast posing for a picture on set. Photo credit



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