Pinterest Project: Minion Cake

By Samantha Mueller ’18

If you’ve been online in the past couple of years, you have probably seen a minion. From your grandma’s facebook wall to horrifying makeup recreations, (I’m not joking. I wish I was.) minions have undoubtedly left their mark on the internet. I delved into the world of pinterest, and have brought back my contribution to this viral trend. So here is my assistance if you wish to make a minion cake.

Start off by making a cake in a 13×9 pan. Any type of cake mix will do. Cook to the directions printed on the box for a 13×9 dish.



Layered icing shown on minion’s overalls.


After waiting for the cake to cool, cut off a rounded top as the head, and proceed to cover the cake with yellow icing. The recipe advises to apply blue icing for the suspenders on the bottom half of the cake above the yellow. From personal experience, this is just too much icing.  Unless you want globs of frosting left over after you finish your cake, separate the yellow and the blue to create one even layer of each.

If you decide to layer the icing anyway, I’m going to guess you haven’t ever had to apply multiple layers of icing to a cake. Be careful not to smooth it on too roughly, as the icing below will mix with it.


Minion’s mouth

The mouth also seemed a little simplistic for my “advanced” artistic abilities. I decided to take a leap of faith and give my minion some teeth. I implemented this into my cake by putting white icing on to bottoms of two hershey’s kisses, and stabbing the sharper end into the cake.


The eyes of the minion before goggles are applied.

Now our good friend Betty Crocker suggested using peppermint patties for the eyes. I didn’t get her idea of mint on cake, so I substituted Hostess Ding Dongs for the eyes. Make sure to put white icing over the ding dongs so that they look like eyes. The pupils and buttons on the minion were an easy project. I took Hershey Kisses and stabbed them upside down into my cake, so all that remained visible was the round bottoms.


Hair after being dipped in black icng.

The hairs at the top of the minion were supposed to be black licorice. However, I didn’t agree with this. I had put so much effort into this creation; I could not taint it. I took leftover twizzler strands, and dipped them in the black icing. This lowers the possibility of your children crying while eating the minions hair substantially.


The completed face of the minion.

The goggles that go around the minion’s eyes are easily the most difficult part of the endeavor. I hate tootsie rolls with a burning passion, so I chose to replace them with twizzlers. To do this, I took one whole cherry twizzler, and covered it in icing. I then rolled this twizzler in silver sprinkles to create the same general look that Betty used.

My minion cake might not get me on the television, but I am proud of the effort that I put into it. I can’t lie to you and tell you about all the love that went into it because minions are honestly my personal nightmares. I faced my fears and conformed to Pinterest’s crafty ideals. This fills me with a sense of pride, but I have also realized I will never work at Servatii’s and NEVER spend over 3 hours on a cake again.


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