Process of Prom Planning

Madeline Lane ’17

Being a Prom decoration co-chair seems flowery and sparkly on the outside but crazy on the inside. It’s not just the dress, the shoes, and the appointments anymore… It’s the two rooms with empty table tops, white walls, and blank spaces to decorate and most importantly — deciding the theme.

    Everything revolves and centers around the theme. This year, the Prom committee has decided eternal elegance. The color palette will be black, white, and hints of red. The theme hopefully inspires a classy, very formal, vibe.

    Black and white with the touches of red is open for any dress color. The colors that could fit best with the theme would be gold/silver, red/maroon, purple/magenta and, of course, black and white. Although, every other dress color could work out with a black and white color scheme.

    Since juniors in the past, now alums, agreed and signed a two year contract, our venue for Prom will be at the Cincinnati Zoo at the Peacock Pavilion. The Zoo’s space offers two buildings that are right next to each other. The first is a cosy cottage architecturally pleasing building where friends and couples can sit together while drinking refreshments. There’s also a photo booth to take cute and memorable pictures in. The wooden beams from the ceiling creates an attractive architectural room.

    The second building is where friends and couples will be most of the night. The dance floor is going to be more difficult to decorate since it’s such a boring room. Although, the Zoo offers colored lights for the lack of excitement their plain walls exhibit. The red lighting that we’ll have will help eliminate the dullness of the four walls.

    Prom is April 8th, exactly 2 months from now. So it’s not quite crunch time YET. Sydney Hering and I happen to be the prom decoration co-chairs AND have the ACT the next day!!! The only torch prep class that works with both our schedules is at McAuley and is from February-March. As if girls wouldn’t be stressed enough about Prom they have to worry about something even bigger the next morning, the dreadful state testing that determines our future.

    It remains unclear if Mercy knew whether or not the ACT was the 9th and scheduled mercy’s Prom anyways or simply weren’t aware of when the ACT test date in April was since we have to book a venue and date a year in advance and the ACT is scheduled a year in advance also.   

    Each detail is accounted for with a $250 budget. Finding props and decorations online will be pretty easy but deciding what to order, considering our budget, will be challenging. A possible doughnut fundraiser during homeroom for a little more spending money for decorations is still up in the air.  

    Spring break is conveniently the week before Prom, which works out very well for planning and for the rest of the girls anticipating the dance. This sets up easy nail appointments, delayed dress shopping, finding jewelry, and piecing everything together before we go back to school the Monday before the 8th.
    The committee this year is a group of motivated and excited girls. We’re in the process of preparing for Prom. Pre-Prom is Thursday, March 17th from 1:50-2:55 with food, slideshows, funny skits and an opportunity to get dressed up and take pictures like some girls love to do. We’re getting ready to not only decorate a dance but make a memorable Prom for our seniors.

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