The Hart of Dixie

By Jordan Dukes ’16

Looking for a drama filled, spontaneous and romantic television show? Then you should watch Hart of Dixie. This show is about a girl who lives in the big city who receives an offer, from who she thinks is a stranger, to take over half of his doctor practice in a small town called blue bell.


Hart of Dixie Pictured: Scott Porter as George, Jaime King is Lemon, Rachel Bilson as Dr. Zoe Hart, Wilson Bethel as Wade, Cress Williams as Lavon. Photo Credit: Mathieu Young


Upon arrival she finds out that he has deceased. This leads to her living in blue bell and becoming one of them. But it is not easy. Dr. Zoe Hart has some challenging obstacles to face if she wants to be considered one of them.The main characters include Zoe, Wade, Lavonne, George, Brick, and Lemon.

Zoe Hart is the new doctor in town. She is from New York and she comes to blue bell because she was given half of the practice.



Wade Consuela is the town’s bad boy. He lives on Lavon’s yard next door to Zoe.


George Tucker is considered the golden boy. He is also the town lawyer.

Lavon Hayes is the mayor of the town. Before becoming mayor he was a NFL player.

Brick Brelin is also the town’s doctor. He along with Zoe are given half of the doctor practice. Lemon Brelin is the daughter of Brick.







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