Freshman Sophomore One Acts

By Elizabeth Davis ’19

With ninety eight drama students, Ms. LaNicca (Mercy’s drama teacher) decided to bring back the Freshman and Sophomore One Acts. Performances are scheduled for  April 22 and 23. According to Ms.LaNicca, “One Acts are condensed versions of  typical plays. They are shorter in length and generally have a smaller cast.” Why? Aside from Ms.LaNicca’s personal enjoyment of One Acts, having ninety eight students in one show is asking for a lot. Most students would get little to no  time to be seen on stage. Also, trying to work around all of those schedules would be an absolute nightmare. Instead, the One Acts are written and directed by the seniors, with the guidance of Ms. LaNicca.


Come join us here in Mercy’s charismatic theatre for our One Acts! Photo credit: Elizabeth Davis

There are nine possible One Acts to participate in. Ms.LaNicca thought the seniors’ choices were really great. They include: Gospel Truth (From Hercules), Speed Date, Action News With 10% More Action, Heather’s (Featured Song “Beautiful”), How to Succeed in High School Without Really Trying, Overtones, Check Please, Empowered, and The Girl Who Saved the Seasons. Mercy’s One Acts are going to be anywhere between five and thirty minutes.

On Thursday, January 28, drama students auditioned for a minimum of three showcases.The audition process was very unique, considering  you were auditioning for multiple shows on the same day, and all freshman and sophomore drama students were required to participate. My personal experience was pretty quick and painless. I completed my three auditions by 4:00p.m..  From there, the seniors gave Ms.LaNicca their top three choices for each role, then she pieced together the lists to create the nine casts. She described the experience as “crazy, but enjoyable.” After what seemed to be a long week of anticipation, the cast lists were posted the following Friday.

For most shows, the rehearsal process will start next week when the cast members and senior directors will discuss their show and expectations. From here, the shows are mostly in the hands of the seniors and their casts. Ms. LaNicca’s favorite part of working with her seniors drama directors has been, “seeing them take ownership, and truly seeing how much work goes into a show.”

It is safe to say that all involved in drama are excited for the upcoming showcases this year. As to whether or not the One Acts will continue in the future is yet to be seen. It all depends on this year’s experience and how everything goes.

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