The End of Mercy’s Basketball Season

Kalyn Ford ’17

On Saturday, February 13th, your Mercy varsity basketball team played their first game in the post-season tournament. We competed against Little Miami at Harrison high school. This was the first game on the road to state.

Our game was at 2:30 pm so that morning we all went to breakfast. Team breakfasts and dinners are the team’s pre-game ritual. We all met up at Bob Evans in Harrison.

The girls went out and played hard from the beginning. They played great defense and worked as a team. The team effort lead to a win. This allowed us to advance to the next round.

We weren’t far in the tournament but the first win definitely enhanced our confidence.

On Tuesday, February 16th we played Kings. We had a team dinner at freshman, Jenna Schoster’s house, and I must say, it was a very delicious dinner.

After a few table discussions, we were off to play what would be our last game of the season. We got there right at halftime of the game before us, so we had to get right in and suit up.

The first two quarters of the game were great. We passed the ball well and played good defense. We were playing our game! We were winning at the end of the first two quarters.

We had a halftime speech from our coach and was ready to go out and win this game! We couldn’t hear what the opponent coach was telling their team, but whatever they told them sparked a flame.

The Knight’s came out and took over. As a member of the Mercy basketball team, it was a sad feeling seeing us fall short to Kings. Unfortunately, we lost our momentum and lost the game.

This meant we were no longer in the tournament. Although we lost, it was still a good game. The overall season was a lot of fun and I’m definitely looking forward to next year.

Best of luck to our four seniors.

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